Inside Sales Core Job Responsibility

Core responsibilities of having a job, let alone a sales job, are:

– Come to work on time.  Traffic happens and there are always exceptions, but you don’t want to be that person who is chronically late.  Or, the person, who I like to refer to as “drama”.  These are the inside sales reps that get a  accidents, their cars won’t start, their alarms did not go off, they were up late last night, and blah, blah, blah.  You are an adult with responsibilities.  I expect you in the office on time.  This can be especially harmful for moral if you are working on a team compensation plan.

– Respect your lunch hour.  It is an hour, not an hour and 10 minutes.  Your peers are hungry and waiting for you to return so they can go for lunch.  Again,  be responsible.

In addition to hitting your target and your metrics, respecting your peers and managing yourself is important.  This is even more critical if you are on a phone queue as you are expected to be available to receive calls. 

Different sales models, office cultures and managers will have different expectations.  It is acceptable for you to have that conversation with your manager if they have not laid out clear expectations for you. 

Please note that sales environments are unique.  I can treat people differently, yet fairly.  If my top inside sales rep frequently comes in late, I likely won’t make a big deal about.   If my poorest performer is frequently late, you be sure that I will quickly address it.  Sometimes, exceptions and autonomy are earned.

Happy Selling!


About Michelle Landry

I have spent the last 10 years in sales, from field sales, to inside sales, to inside sales management of US teams, Canadian Teams and eCommerce teams. View all posts by Michelle Landry

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